Our cloud native digital transformation platform enables, facilitates & optimises systems integration and process automation

Accessible to all

Affordable, flexible, easy to join, easy to use and easy to consume set of digital solutions delivered as a service for SMEs

Business driven

We transform a mass of information into useful business outcomes to deliver value and drive management decisions


Combining AI, ML, low-coding, rule-engine, AaaS & SaaS with a use-case driven access layer and a behavioural module that remodel the way customers interact with services, technologies and data

Our Technology

A new modular approach

Our services are delivered as a SaaS solution and combines a unique set of the latest technology stack together with a bespoke protocol layer and behaviour module that allows us to integrate and consume external elements and systems easily and dynamically.

Our digital transformation approach

Faveru's pragmatic approach utilises a cloud-native low-code platform which is equipped with a brand-new access layer and behaviour module that provides easy-to-consume & easy-to-integrate business driven applications.

Customise your solution

Faveru can provide you with a solution that is just right for you. Easily add or subtract the modules you need to obtain the digitilisation you want.


POC in Hospitality

Faveru is initially serving the hospitality market with a Proof of Concept for small & medium size, independent hotels.
Our platform uniquely addresses the low level of digitalisation and automation of this industry segment and provides an easy solution to work with the existing fragmented information systems hoteliers are equipped with. 

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