About us

KIbott is an independent high tech company offering a broad range of digital services delivered with a personal touch by our team of experts.

Mighty, tenacious, committed, professional and multi-lingual, KIbott is the ideal partner to embark on your digital journey with. 

Our human dimension enables us to place our partner at the center of our story.  

The skills, know-how and understanding of different industries we have gathered throughout the past 45 years translate into a real hands-on approach, which sets us apart. 

We thrive at always creating a long-term relationship and a win-win scenario with each one of our partners. 



Why SMEs ?

KIbott management team has been involved with digital transformation and advanced software development for many years.
We have seen how small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling with technology even though they realise this is a must for their business to thrive or just survive.

They often do not have the IT expertise or the know-how to understand technical jargon used by vendors when they are looking into digitalisation solutions.

In many industries, these SMEs must deal with disparate & heterogeneous existing systems that do not talk or work easily with each other. These fragmented information systems also generate data that cannot be optimised as they come from multiple sources, multiple times and in multiple formats.

KIbott is addressing all these issues and more, by providing a solution that easily integrates to all existing elements of an enterprise’ environment to enable full digitisation, automate internal processes, provide analytics and revenue management guidance and deliver a unique view of the business through customisable dashboards.

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