Are you a small independent hotel or chain looking to automate your guest journey?

Are you struggling to find easy-to-implement and approachable solutions?

Do you think all digital platforms are only tailored to large hotel chains? 

Then join us! … As we bring to the market solutions tailored for small to medium size hotels. We want to make digital accessible, affordable, and easy for all hospitality players.

We have already started to connect and integrate systems like yours, filling in the gaps and creating new services to provide a unique approach to monitor, predict and optimize revenues, know and manage your customers, communicate with them via integrated messages solution, deliver seamless online experience and all-in-all accelerate your business. And all this without you having to spend hours of your day stressing about costs and lack of IT knowledge. 

The digitalisation of the customer journey, the automation of internal tasks and the optimisation of the revenue for the hospitality industry requires new technologies. 

To enable these new technologies, Faveru provides the glue and bridges between the different systems you have onboarded over time and are using to run your business. 
This allows you to benefit from new technologies without having to remove any of the components you already have in place, even if these are set up in silos and struggle to work with each other. 

"Due to the Corona pandemic, it is more important than ever for us hoteliers to improve our cost structure and remain profitable. The digitization approach offers great potential for optimization here."

— Denise Schubert

Transform your guest journey

Start your digital transformation with our Go Digital package.
Let us integrate all your systems and bring your customer a simple & complete check-in process straight on their phone.

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Control at your fingertips

Best in class revenue management solution with unique Artificial Intelligence driven price recommendations

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