Check out our Revenue Management Pro and Revenue Management solutions to find out which one fits best to your business and your current needs.

Revenue Management is an easy-to-implement web application that provides key indicators to help you define your hotel pricing.

Revenue Management Pro provides a full fledge solution and using internal and external data feeds, our AI and ML engines; it delivers the best daily dynamic pricing of your hotel rooms. 

Revenue Management Pro

Maximise your revenue

Our AI-powered solution delivers the optimum daily rates for your hotel, based on a comprehensive set of feeds, algorithm-driven projections and Machine Learning technology.

Unique snapshot view

Control your business and track your KPIs at a glance. Your calendar view is fully customisable so you decide what is relevant for your business.

Faveru Revenue Management Pro

Our revenue management is a unique and transparent dynamic pricing solution that combines different feeds and sources of data together with bespoke algorithms and the use of AI and ML. 

You decide the importance of each of the criteria our solution uses to build the algorithms that are relevant to YOUR hotel. Our solution also learns from your input and historical data to suggest the optimum pricing for each of your hotel rooms.

The clever calendar view and state-of-the-art dashboards we have built are now the perfect cockpit to manage your business!


The solution includes:

Dynamic hotel pricing

The right price for each hotel room category is calculated and updated daily, based on the algorithms and the multiple feeds set up in our system.

Hotel price forecasting

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs calculate the best price for your hotel rooms. It learns from your hotel’s historical data and your manual input to forecast the optimum pricing.

Price comparison

Competition is key when setting up pricing for your hotel rooms. You can select which competitors you want to track and how they will impact your pricing.

Internal & external feeds

Our system automatically delivers data from external feeds such as competition, events and weather and integrates with your systems to access historical booking data, hotel room capacity and availability.

Transparent & customisable algorithms

You are the one to build and set-up the algorithms that make sense for your hotel. You decide what criteria is important and what criteria is irrelevant. Our revenue management adapts to your needs and your uniqueness.

Management dashboards

We can make it easy to use! You will love our calendar view and the dashboards that are available to control your business at a glance. 


We charge a set-up fee of €800 and a monthly fee that is based on the number of hotel rooms, as follows:

€185 per month for 1 to 20 hotel rooms

€265 per month for 21 to 50 hotel rooms

€325 per month for 51 to 100 hotel rooms

€395 per month for above 100 rooms

Our solution has a 3-month minimum engagement with a one month notice to terminate.

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Revenue Management 

Keep your eyes on the market

Selling your hotel rooms at the right price starts with the right insights on your market. Our revenue management solution offers a daily view of the main criteria you will need to set your pricing. Weather forecast, upcoming events and competition pricing are part of our calendar view and are constantly updated so you can keep up with what’s going on in your market.

Cloud-based solution

Our revenue management solution is easy to get, easy to set-up, easy to consume. Just follow the steps to complete your on-line purchase and use your login details to access our application and set up your preferences. That’s it! It’s now ready to use and enjoy!

The solution includes:

- Unique calendar view

- Daily weather forecast

- Upcoming events relevant to your area

- Daily average competitors’ pricing

Beta Revenue Management Pro

Tax included.
This Beta Version is free of charge