Go a step further with your digital transformation

Let your guests enjoy a round-the-clock digital concierge service enabled by a chatbot and accessible via an interface with your hotel branding.

Guest communication orchestration

Multi-channel communication with customers is key and must be aligned, consistent and relevant. We manage all the elements of the interactions with your guests.

Faveru Advanced Guest Journey

This package is an add-on to our basic Go Digital package.

Add another contactless solution to your guest journey to improve his experience, streamline operations and optimize your staff costs with our advanced guest journey package. 
We set up a digital concierge service with our AI-powered chatbot and extend the online experience to include a digital guest folder. Our platform also takes over the coordination of all the communications with your guests. 

All this is hosted and accessible via a customized guest interface, branded to your hotel.


This package can be ordered and managed online and follows the terms of your Go Digital package.

This package includes:

- Orchestration and management of all guest interactions (via email, SMS, user interface...)

- Automated reception - 24/7 chatbot

- Hotel branding of user interface

- Guest folder

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